Business Management & Leadership (Face to Face)

Oxford Applied Training started out as a local service providing management and business skills training in Oxfordshire and Berkshire for companies to be more competitive and productive.
We now offer business skills and leadership & management courses across the UK.
We are a recognised centre fully accredited by the Chartered Management Institute
We offer:

CMI Level 3 in First Line Management
CMI Level 4 in Leadership and Management
CMI Level 5 in Leadership and Management

Our training courses cover the full range of skills employees need to give you a competitive edge, from basic communication training to strategic leadership training for senior executives. Our new training platform has made training affordable and efficient for employees and employers.

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on the range and scope of our Accredited Qualifications
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CMI Level 5 in Leadership and Management

Operations/Departmental Manager - When taken through an Apprenticeship Scheme
£700.00 exc VAT