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Here you can read useful posts about UK Learning Managements Systems, Elearning Authoring, UK based LMS providers and interesting insights into learning technologies. We also hope that you find our coverage of eLearning courses comprehensive and useful.
Over the weeks and months we try and answer some of the burning questions relating to Learning Management Systems in the UK. Examples of these questions can be:
What is a Learning Management System?
Why should I implement a Leaning Management System
What is the best Learning Management System in the UK
What are typical pricing models for Learning Management Systems

6 Benefits of an LMS for Education

Friday 26th January 2018
Yahia Rezgui

Improving classroom and learning experiences is one of the top priorities for anyone running or managing an educational organisation. You might be using the same training methods that have worked for years, but achieving consistent results across all levels of your organisation can be difficult. You might have introduced more high-tech teaching and training solutions, but found that they require extensive and ongoing IT support and knowledge, which might not always be available or affordable. However, things have moved on and a well-designed Learning Management System like Trove could be transformative for your school or college! Technological developments, the increased use of digital materials in the classroom and changing needs and requirements of learners mean that the traditional teacher/classroom approach is becoming less and…

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How can organisations save on their training budget by implementing an LMS

Tuesday 2nd January 2018
Yahia Rezgui

A Learning Management System, or LMS, can completely change and drastically improve the way your business works. You can find out more about what an LMS is and its fundamental advantages in my blog below, but this post will outline how using an LMS can specifically help you and your company to save time and money, and increase your efficiency. CUTTING COSTS An LMS will cut your company's costs in a number of different ways: 1. There is no need for your workforce to travel in order to receive off-premise training with an LMS there are no travel or accommodation expenses. Hotels and transport are no longer necessary with this innovative software. 2. There is also no need to pay for training materials and trainers.…

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5 things A Learning Management System Can Bring to Your Business

Friday 24th November 2017
Yahia Rezgui

Discover the top 5 benefits of using an LMS here... You've mastered most of your digital alliances, from mobile apps to e-readers, and tablets to Bluetooth speakers. Still there are some concepts that elude you, like this LMS people keep mentioning in business discussions. You know it's a great piece of software, but what exactly does it do? Well, we're here to clear up any confusion LMS stands for Learning Management System... Learning - because you use it to deliver educational resources and training programs Management - because it helps you to organise your training and eLearning System - because LMS is a piece of computer software. In our recent article, we discuss in more detail, the benefits of introducing a LMS into your organisation. In this…

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