Health and Safety Compliance

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Oxford Applied Training initially started providing health and safety compliance training in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Through our Online Learning Management System, we can now offer our courses nationwide.

Avoid litigation and limit the risk of legal action

The risk of litigation and legal action taken against companies for health and safety non-compliance is now common and a risk that can result in serious consequences for businesses and its officers.

It is, therefore, essential for businesses, whether you're big or small to provide comprehensive health and safety compliance training and keep records of them. Our online health and safety e-learning system creates a 'safety first culture' by ensuring that safety training is fulfilled with a full audit trail of each employee's training recorded.

Full compliance, staff retention and loyalty

Online training is cost-effective and can increase staff retention and loyalty which helps bottom line profits by reducing issues such as absenteeism.

Easy management and compliance reporting

Our health and safety e-learning training courses have a 'training cycle' monitoring and administration function which ensures your employees receive the proper training on regular basis. You can set the frequency of training for each employee or globally across your business. The system automatically monitors each employee and reminds them to take the training. The training manager has full visibility of training records and can generate reports for management and senior executives.

Self-paced at a place and time to suit

Our health and safety compliance training courses can be taken at any time, place and pace to suit your business needs. We deliver e-learning via the internet and learning takes places on the user's PC, tablet or smartphone.

Health & Safety Compliance E-learning

Effective delivery and better retention
Our health and safety e-learning training courses are informative, engaging and effective. It is a proven benefit that e-learning learners retain more information compared to traditional classroom learning.
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