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Here at Oxford Applied Training, we provide business and management skills training for companies. Our training is aimed at helping you be more competitive and productive.
Our approach is to help you create an environment which encourages diverse thinking, self-motivation and autonomy in action. Companies who are thriving are always the ones who empower staff and facilitate access to new skills relevant to our age.

Studies into business competitiveness have time again shown that the crucial role played by a skilled workforce in gaining market share through a committed loyal and well-trained workforce.

New technology has made investing in staff training affordable and efficient. You can equip your staff with the necessary business and management skills at various level and make significant savings compared to face to face training.

You can pre-book and pay for credits to give access to your staff by following the relevant courses from our extensive library.

With our learning management system, you will retain full control and gain visibility of how your staff are doing and track take-up and success rates. There are various reporting options for you to choose from such as spend against budget so that you don't overspend.

Click here to browse our library courses to start giving your workforce the business and management training skills to make your company competitive and productive.

Leadership and Management Courses - Fully Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute

We also offer Leadership & Management courses externally accredited and nationally recognised. CMI is the only chartered management awarding body so these qualifications are highly regarded and enjoy the highest level of recognition.
For more information about our accredited Leadership and Management qualifications

please read more here

If you prefer to discuss your requirements in greater details and ask for further explanations, please contact us here and one of our expert staff will call you back and help you build a winning learning strategy that is the basis for business success through a happier more competent workforce.

If you would like to book our business and management skills training, click here to book the appropriate course here or
contact us today for a free consultation and no obligation assessment of your training needs. We will help you implement a winning e-learning strategy across your organisation.

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