Digital Skills Week

Digital Skills Week

Thursday 22nd April 2021
Yahia Rezgui

Digital Skills = Growth!

but don't take our word for it...
The past year has shown us the opportunities and possibilities that digital technologies can offer in transforming the way businesses operate.
However, digital technology does not exist in a vacuum, it depends on people and their skills.
Covid19 has highlighted the pace of digitisation, with many businesses adapting to it, but the very rapid shift has also left many organisations behind.
This is bad for the UK's productivity and competitiveness. It also prevents businesses as well as individuals taking full advantage of digital technology.
69% of business leaders report a skills gap in their organisations. Events such as Microsoft Skills Week shine a spotlight on the issue.
All organisations now require digital expertise, not just the tech sector.
The Digital skills deficit affects all levels of business, from the leadership team down to job beginners.
The Open University's 'Leading in a Digital Age' report has found a clear link between business performance and leaders who are equipped to manage digital change.
Based on a survey of 950 CTOs and senior leaders within UK organisations, the report found that 88% of leaders who attended digital training courses in the past year went on to report organisational growth, compared with just 49% who had not received any digital skills training.

At the other end of the spectrum, over half the UK's workforce is not even equipped with the basic digital skills they need, as defined in the government's Essential Digital Skills (EDS) Framework:

  • communicating: collaborating and sharing online
  • handling information and content: finding, managing and storing digital information securely
  • transacting: applying for services, buying and selling, and manage transactions online
  • problem solving: finding solutions to problems by using digital tools and online services
  • being safe and legal online.

Oxford Applied Training can advise you on how to equip your workforce with industry leading, certified qualifications.
Many employers see an opportunity in apprenticeships, up-skilling their existing employees to embed IT and digital skills in their teams.
Thanks to generous government funding, SMEs looking to employ apprentices can access up to 100% of the cost of training, depending on the age of the age of the apprentice.
We also offer a wide array of short online courses, targeted to plug your specific digital skills gap, accessible online to your staff wherever and whenever.
If you would like to find out more about our Digital Apprenticeships and how they can benefit your business why not contact us today or call us on 01235430460 for a free consultation with one of our expert advisors.