Too busy to take advantage of Apprenticeship Training?

Too busy to take advantage of Apprenticeship Training?

Friday 28th August 2020
Yahia Rezgui

You may very well be missing an opportunity!

The role of Training and Apprenticeships in the Covid-19 economic recovery

Here at Oxford Applied Training we believe that Apprenticeships and training will play a vital part in the post pandemic economic recovery.
Significant government investment of over £2.5 billion in Apprenticeship funding, new levy matchmaking services plus the July announcement of Apprenticeship hire bonuses of up to £2000 make this a better time than ever to find out how Apprenticeships can help your organisation recover from the Covid-19 crisis and become more resilient.
Apprenticeships are one of the most cost-effective training options, giving your organisation the flexibility to train and up skill your existing staff or add capacity as the economy begins to recover.

Covid-19 has been difficult and no doubt will continue to bring new challenges, but Apprenticeships can be of great use to upskill organisations for these challenges and develop skills to reinvigorate post lockdown by providing innovation in the workplace for years to come.
Here are just some examples of how OAT Apprenticeships can support growth and recovery in your organisation:

  • CMI leadership and management Level 3 apprentices to provide the added capacity needed to get company departments up and running again and introduce more effective and efficient business processes.
  • CMI leadership and management Level 5 apprenticeships to upskill existing managers to give them the confidence and tools needed to tackle the challenges post Covid-19
  • Recruit a digital Marketer apprentice to bring up to date knowledge into your organisation, add capacity and respond to the changed landscape of increased online sales post covid-19
  • use BCS approved IT apprenticeships in various areas to strengthen your organisations capacity to thrive in an increasingly digital and data-driven landscape.

The last few months have undoubtedly been very challenging, but rapid changes can also bring opportunities and new potential revenue streams. Many of our customers are benefiting from the added capacity new apprentices can bring as a pro-active way to respond to the crisis.
Online learning has seen an enormous shift forward and Oxford Applied Training's "Digital First" approach has proven to be extremely effective.

Industry recognised training that is valued by employers and helps them with the skills development of their business will be key to help the economy get back on its feet.
Oxford Applied Training can help your business equip your existing staff and new hires with the skills that are required to succeed in a challenging marketplace.

When managed thoughtfully and correctly apprenticeships can bring almost immediate dividends to an organisation, be it in vital IT and digital areas or improving and optimising your operational efficiency through CMI approved leadership and management programmes at all levels.

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