CMI Level 5 in Leadership and Management

Fully accredited by the Chartered Management Institute

Who is it for?
These qualifications are aimed at practising or aspiring managers and leaders who are typically accountable to a senior manager, director or business owner. The primary role of a practising or aspiring manager and leader is to lead and manage individuals and teams to deliver aims and objectives in line with organisational business plans and strategy.
what levels can it be taken at?
This qualification can be taken at 3 different levels:
AWARD: Providing an overview of the roles and responsibilities required for managers, the Award will develop the skills required for this level of responsibility.
CERTIFICATE: The Certificate provides a broader knowledge of skills to help you be more effective in specific management areas, with increased focus on the areas that are most appropriate to your role and organisation.
DIPLOMA: The Diploma gives you a fully comprehensive bank of the skills and knowledge required to be a manager as part of an organisation, as well as the ability to apply your learning in the context of another organisation or industry sector.
What does the syllabus contain?
Principles of Management and Leadership in an Organisational Context
Principles of Developing, Managing and Leading Individuals and Teams to Achieve Success
Managing Stakeholder Relationships
Managing Projects to Achieve Results
Managing Change
Creating and Delivering Operational Plans
Managing Finance
Using Reflective Practice to Inform Personal and Professional Development
Assessment is normally via practical work-based assignments provided by Oxford Applied Training as your Approved Centre. This ensures you minimise time away from work and that you undertake work study which is relevant to your own organisation's context.
On successful completion of a Level 5 Qualification in Management and Leadership, a number of progression opportunities become available:
Progress to other qualifications at the same level (e.g. from Level 5 Award to Level 5 Certificate etc.)
Progress to other qualifications at the next level (e.g. from Level 5 Certificate to Level 6 or 7 Certificate)
Learners who are aspiring to a management role may progress to roles such as:
Operations Manager
Divisional Manager
Departmental Manager
Regional Manager
Specialist Manager

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