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Here at Oxford Applied Training, we provide apprenticeships -both levy and non levy apprenticeships across a range of programmes such as Leadership and Management apprenticeships, IT apprenticeships and digital apprenticeships.
Our apprenticeships help you create an environment which encourages diverse thinking, self-motivation and autonomy in action. Companies who are thriving are always the ones who empower staff and facilitate access to new skills relevant to our age.

Digital First Delivery

We want to support your business strategy by helping you access government funded training. We have developed a blended learning approach that makes full use of technology to minimise the disruption of day to-day business activities while maintaining substantial human contact through our skills coaches to ensure consistent quality of the user experience and support.

Training and apprenticeships post Covid19

Both the design and delivery of all our apprenticeships are based on our Digital First blended learning approach that makes full use of technology to minimise the disruption of day-to-day business activities while maintaining substantial human contact to ensure consistent quality and provide the support needed to your apprentices.
We will show you how post Covid19 innovative apprenticeships can help you catch up on lost time and power ahead of the competition.
You can also find out more here about the apprenticeship programmes we offer, our Digital First approach and our quality standards and commitment to apprentices and employers.

Benefits of hiring an apprentice

Digital Apprenticeships

Digital First Apprenticeships

86% of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation, while 78% said apprenticeships improved productivity.
Other benefits that apprenticeships contribute towards include:

  • increasing employee satisfaction
  • reducing staff turnover
  • reducing recruitment costs
  • Close the Skills Gap- with exactly the right talent and skills that your particular business needs
  • Diverse workforce - It is now more realised across all sectors that often the only way to really eliminate large-scale skills shortages is to open up industries to a broader pool of talent - be that based on gender, age, ethnicity, social background or previous experience.
  • Fresh Thinking - Fresh thinking comes from Apprentices. They are often keen to offer new ideas. During their training they will benefit from the most up-to date knowledge and skills. An apprentice will join your business with fresh eyes and will pick out issues and resolutions that might have eluded your team.

Not to mention the huge incentives the government is currently offering to encourage employers to take on apprentices

Consultative and Supportive Approach

For successful completion of an apprenticeship, responsibility and ownership is distributed equally between the following stakeholders:

  • The Apprentices
  • The Employer
  • The Training Provider

We believe the key to delivering successful apprenticeships is transparency and clear communication. We set out each party's contribution clearly at the very outset. This leads to a collaborative approach and helps us, employers and apprentices work towards our shared objective.
Employer Support: Our approach is based on engaging with employers at every step to ensure we understand your specific skills gap and tailor our apprenticeship programme to specifically deliver to your needs.
Apprentice Support: We will support your learners to achieve their development goals and help them enhance their contribution to your business.
For further details or an exploratory chat with one of our expert apprenticeship advisers, call us now on 01235430460 or contact us today for a free consultation and no obligation assessment of your apprenticeship needs.

Digital Apprenticeships

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