(Emergency) First Aid (1 day)

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£45 per attendee per day (based on 12 attendees)

This training course is designed to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, other appropriate legislation and National Care Standards. It provides those who participate with the information needed to deal with accidents or the occurrence of sudden illness, and give them the basic knowledge of first aid procedures required to give immediate care whenever and wherever it is necessary.
Particular emphasis is placed on administering first aid in the participant's day-to-day working environment.
This course is intended for all levels of staff, and prior knowledge is neither assumed nor required.
Learning Outcomes:
• Provides participants with basic essential skills to provide emergency First Aid.
• Participants will be shown how to deal with an unconscious person
• How to put someone in the recovery position
• Carry out CPR and Rescue breaths.
• Recognise and deal with a choking casualty.
• Recognise and deal with a person in shock.
• Manage bleeding, burns and scalds.
• Recognise the need to keep themselves safe

Course Content:
Typical topics include:
• Basic safety precautions.
• Complying with legislation.
• Examining a casualty
• Coping with unconscious casualties (practical exercises).
• Carry out CPR and Rescue breaths (Practical exercises).
• Dealing with wounds and burns.
• Causes and treatment of shock.
• Choking.
• Heart attacks
• Getting to know the AED (any type)
• Operating the AED
• Further emergency action
• First Aid Kits
• Recording and reporting injuries

Course Duration:
1 Day

Participants gain Appointed Person First Aid Certification valid for 3 years.
This course accommodates up to 12 participants.

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