Health & Safety Fundamentals

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Health & Safety - The Fundamentals e-learning training course
This short e-learning course comprises an introduction and two easy-to-follow study units. Unit 2 deals with Risk - its assessment and management - whilst unit 3 covers the general aspects of Health and Safety in the context of the workplace.

Unit Titles
•Unit 1 - How to Use the Course
•Unit 2 - Introduction to Health and Safety
•Unit 3 - Safety at Work

Learning Objectives: at the end of the course, students will be aware of:
•The policies and procedures they need to observe to keep safe at work
•The responsibilities that everyone has to promote health and safety at work
•An introduction to fire safety and turning off utilities in an emergency
•The procedures for safe moving and handling
•What they can and can't do when an incident needs emergency first aid
•An awareness of medication and healthcare procedures
•Key tips regarding their personal security and safety.

Risk Management / Assessment Aspects students will cover include:
•Their attitude to risk
•The five principal risk factors
•The human, economic and legal costs of accidents
•How to identify hazards and evaluate risks
•The five key steps of risk assessment
•How to conduct a basic risk assessment.