School Trips for Organisers

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This School Trips Training for Management programme looks at how the risks associated with School Trips are managed, and who is responsible for making sure this is done. It also looks at legal requirements, costs, contributions and consent.

It's all about making sure that school trips are carefully planned, appropriately risk assessed and well managed.

In the past, the HSE have prosecuted schools that showed "recklessness or a clear failure to follow sensible precautions" whilst on school trips. Keep your students and staff safe when on school trips and avoid any health and safety breaches with our school trips training programmes.

There are two programmes on School Trips. This is the first. This one is for the Management team - the people in a school who are responsible for school trips.

The second programme is for the person who organises the trip and is also useful for anyone who helps out on a trip, including school staff and non-school staff acting as volunteers and helpers. The person organising a trip should do both courses.