Food Allergy Awareness

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Food allergy awareness training is legally required by the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation for allergen information to be made available to consumers. This course was designed for individuals who work with food; whether it's food production, processing, packaging, distribution, food retail or catering.
Everyone who works with food should know about allergens and their labelling, with specific knowledge surrounding the changes to food information rules which were introduced in December 2014.
It is crucial that individuals with food allergies are able to quickly identify which food products contain the ingredients they are allergic to. To comply with new EU FIC Regulations, all staff working in the food sector must know how to make allergen information easily accessible to consumers if they require it.

Course Content
1. What are Allergens? - Understand what allergens are, how they affect individuals and know the 14 major food allergens are. Learn about different allergic reactions and what to do in an emergency if someone is having a severe allergic reaction to food.
2. The Laws Regarding Food - This section reviews the laws surrounding food and food products which are in place to keep consumers safe. This section highlights how allergenic ingredients must be declared on labels and explains the new laws which mean that, even products without labels must present allergy information or have it easily available.
3. Cross Contamination and How to Avoid It - This area looks at ways to reduce the risk of contamination to a minimum. It includes personal cleanliness, cleanliness of surfaces, utensils and machinery, design, layout and organisation of food preparation and storage areas and disposal of waste.