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IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship Level 3


The primary role of an IT Technical Salesperson is to sell a company's technical products and services such as Selling technical products and services, such as data storage and cloud services. They need a good knowledge and understanding of the portfolio of technologies that are available. They work to maintain good relationships with existing clients, gaining repeat business wherever possible from customers both internal and external, UK or internationally. They also approach potential customers with the aim of winning new business. They maintain a thorough understanding of existing technologies and those that are emerging.

On completing this programme the apprentice gains the following knowledge:

  • Understands the basic elements and architecture of computer systems
  • Has a working knowledge of Cloud and Cloud Services
  • Understands the principles of secure coding
  • Has a working knowledge of the role IT plays within the broader context of a business strategy
  • Understands the main methodologies used for unified communications
  • Understands the basics of how data storage works and the main technical options available
  • Understands how to communicate using the appropriate language and terminology for audience and cultural awareness
  • Understands the principles and ethics of sales, recognising the importance of delivering value to the customer
  • Understands the sales life cycle, techniques & processes
  • Understands how to negotiate, handle objections and close sales
  • Understands the business product(s) they are responsible for selling including the relevant vendor product(s) as selected by the employer.

Individual employers will set the selection criteria, but this might include GCSEs, A levels, a level 2 apprenticeship or other relevant qualifications, relevant experience and/or an aptitude test with a focus on functional maths.

This apprenticeship is recognised for entry on to the Register of IT Technicians and those completing their apprenticeships are eligible to apply for registration.

When they complete the full programme apprentices gain the following skills:

  • Communication: works both independently and as part of a team and following the organisation's code of practice; demonstrates an ability to communicate effectively and present both in writing and orally at all levels, using a range of tools.
  • Customer Experience: demonstrates strong interpersonal skills and cultural awareness when dealing with colleagues, customers and clients during sales operations and whilst defining requirements with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and relationship management.
  • Data Security: operates securely in line with organisational guidance, legislation and organisational software packages and complies with security of data and can effectively record, analyse and communicate data at the appropriate level using the organisation's standard tools and processes throughout all sales interactions.
  • Problem solving: applies structured techniques for troubleshooting, problem solving and analyses problems by selecting the appropriate tools and techniques in line with organisation guidance when dealing with sales as well as routine tasks
  • Assesses and qualifies sales leads by developing a clear understanding of clients' business needs and advising how these might be met with appropriate products, tools and techniques.
  • Project management: works flexibly and demonstrates the ability to work under pressure independently and as part of a team to progress sales and manage their time, workflow, priorities and projects.
  • Interprets and follows:

Health and safety legislation to securely and professional work productively in the work environment
Data Protection Act 1998
Sales of Goods Act 1979

  • Sales process: professionally operates all sales-related tasks to maintain integrity, brand and company image during negotiations, handling of objections and closing sales with an understanding of the markets and external competitors
  • Technical: ability to understand and explain the technical portfolio and technical systems sold within the organisation and can use the current hardware and operating systems available.
  • Database and Campaign Management: prioritises their contacts and keeps an up to date database knowing when and why to contact current consumers or prospects in line with organisational requirements.
  • Context / CPD: identifies and negotiates personal development in the context of the wider business and how their role relates to other roles in the business.

These are some the job roles an apprentice can fulfill after successfully completing this programme:

  • Sales Associate,
  • Sales Consultant,
  • Sales Engineer,
  • Entry Level Customer Support,
  • Technical Retail Assistant,
  • Technical Tele Sales,
  • Junior Account Manager

How long does it take to complete?

The duration of this apprenticeship is typically 15 months

Typical Job Roles?

Typical job titles include:

  • Sales Associate,
  • Sales Consultant,
  • Sales Engineer,
  • Entry Level Customer Support,
  • Technical Retail Assistant,
  • Technical Tele Sales,
  • Junior Account Manager

Is it certified?

Those completing the IT Technical Sales apprenticeship will be recognised for entry onto the (Association of Professional Sales(APS),

Do I get any additional Vendor Qualifications?

In addition, apprentices will gain some valuable independent vendor qualifications such as:

  • APS Level 2 Award in Selling and Ethics of Selling
  • CompTIA ITF Fundamentals

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