Registered Provider Scheme

Registered Provider Scheme

A Back-up care training solution that makes sense!

How Does The Registered Provider Scheme Work?

The Registered Provider Scheme is a back up care training solution to providers who have some level of internal training but may need a top up or back-up training from an external provider either because their main trainers are not available (due to illness for instance) or don't have the capacity to train staff before their refreshers are overdue.
Overdue training can put service users at risk and can have serious legal consequences on the service provider
Our Scheme provides an insurance policy for you in case your internal training systems need back up from time to time.
It's a wise arrangement to have in place particularly that it's free and easy to set up!

Why Should I Register?

Once you're registered we will provide you with:
Full pricing
A full list of courses we cover
Our quality credentials so that you know your staff will be trained by experienced and qualified trainers
Priority response for when you need us at short notice
Save time on booking training. Next time you need external training you don't waste time calling various training agencies and negotiating pricing and availability with them.
One single call and we'll step in to save the day!

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