Dignity in Care

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Compassion and Dignity in Care - The Fundamentals eLearning Training Course

We provide an eLearning course for dignity in care training in Oxfordshire and Berkshire for people working in health and social care. It emphasises the importance of providing person-centred support compassionately and in a way that protects as well as promotes dignity.

Students will be introduced to some of the basic principles of care provision in relation to treating people with respect, sensitivity and consideration. The training course for dignity in care in Berkshire and Oxfordshire also explores methods of communication, the handling of sensitive information and the confidentiality code of practice.

Topics covered include:

• The meaning of the terms 'compassion', respect' and 'dignity'.
• How people's dignity may be undermined by the type of care they receive.
• How a person's dignity could support them the when following needs are met:
Good nutrition
Assistance with hygiene and personal care
- Active participation
• Methods of communicating.
• Key points of good practice when handling personal information.
• The role of confidentiality in supporting dignity in care.

The online materials include case studies, quizzes and activities to help reinforce learning as students work through each topic. Learners will be asked to take an online assessment to check their learning on completion of the Berkshire and Oxfordshire dignity in care training course.

To access the course for dignity in care training in Berkshire and Oxfordshire, follow these three steps:

1. Complete the registration form (click the register here button on the top right-hand side of the screen).
2. Enrol for the dignity in care training course by typing in the following enrolment key - FDVZGQW.
3. Select the course by clicking on the thumbnail to launch it.

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