Moving & Handling - Loads

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It is a legal requirement in the workplace to be competent in safe carrying and lifting techniques. This course provides you with the necessary information and awareness of these safe techniques and helps you identify and eliminate unsafe practice.

Some of the content covered is safe moving and handling, the 'LITE' technique (Load. Individual. Task. Environment.). There is also an explanation of why safe workplace lifting is so important to your everyday health.

More than a third of all yearly reported workplace accidents are caused by poor practice in manual carrying.
Ensuring good practice helps to reduce work accidents and reduce staff absence due to injury.

Manual Handling Training is not only essential for the workplace but is just as important in everyday situations. Moving objects safely is a an essential requirement of modern working life, and this training course can help you understand how to move even the heaviest of objects in a safe way.

This course also covers safe practice to protect your back while carrying out activities at work, at home or even during your leisure time.