Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1

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Everyone who is employed where food is made, sold or served should have a decent level of knowledge surrounding food hygiene to understand how to handle consumables appropriately. This is required by the Food Hygiene Regulations of 2006 which state food business owners must ensure that food handlers are supervised and instructed and/or trained in food hygiene matters in line with their work activity.
Course Content
1. Food Hazards and Food Poisoning - Understand how food becomes contaminated, identifying the main symptoms of contamination and how to avoid the dangers.
2. Personal Hygiene - Learning about effective personal hygiene. This section looks at washing hands, appropriate food work-wear, and what to do if you are ill and your illness could be passed onto others through food.
3. Cleanliness and Cross-contamination - Cleanliness covers tidying as you go, keeping work surfaces clean and how-to wash-up properly. Cross-contamination is where harmful bacteria is spread from one thing - i.e. food, surfaces, hands or equipment - onto something else, simply by touching. Cross-contamination can happen at any point during the food process, in light of this we have provided information on the correct storage of food and disposal of waste.

Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1 offers learners an adequate knowledge of food hazards and food poisoning; explaining contamination, personal hygiene and cleanliness in food preparation areas. The course also covers safe storage and waste disposal. Overall the online course highlights the hazards connected to poor food hygiene and the measures that should be taken to keep food safe.