Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS)

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QuickBooks Point of Sale helps retailers go far beyond the cash register with an easy-to use, affordable, scalable, customizable, integrated software and hardware system. QuickBooks POS handles routine tasks so retailers can pay more attention to running their business. This software can track inventory, sales, and customer information, giving retailers more time to think about what to stock, how to price merchandise, when to reorder, and how to serve their customers better.

Course Content

Introduction to Point of Sale
Creating and Setting Up Point of Sale
Determine Your Point of Sale Additions
Navigating and Customizing the Homepage
Company Preferences
Setting Up Quickbooks Connection
Setting Up Sales Tax
Workstation Preferences
Additional Features
Employee Security
Reward Programs
Setting up Inventory
Adding Styles Assemblies and Groups
Working with Inventory
Working with Price Level and Discounts
Collecting Sales Tax
Adding Shipping Info
Tracking Sales and Commission
Taking Payments and Giving Change
Recording Tips
Handling Tricky Sales and Returns
Working with Sales and Work Orders
Purchasing Merchandise
Receiving Purchase Orders
Managing Inventory
Reporting Point of Sales
Quickbooks Financial
Protecting Your Data
Adding 3rd Party Apps
Summary of Point of Sale

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