Life after Covid19 - The future is digital

Life after Covid19 - The future is digital

Monday 3rd August 2020
Yahia Rezgui

"There's no doubt digital apprenticeships supported by Microsoft work. They offer sustainable, well rewarded careers in an industry that is crying out for talent."

At Microsoft, we shifted from know-it-all to learn-it-all culture. We need to be on a permanent journey of learning, understanding, listening. That's exactly what apprenticeships are about"
Hugh Milward, Director of Corporate, External and Legal Affairs at Microsoft UK

IT apprenticeships-the ace up your sleeve

While nobody can predict what the future holds, it is undisputed that the current Covid-19 crisis accelerated an already existing trend in all sectors of the economy: The transition to digital.

This trend means it is now more important than ever for organisations to have teams with relevant data and digital skills. Upskilling employees in these areas enables a smoother and more efficient transition and an acceleration of business recovery.

Investing in the digital software and hardware skills of your workforce could make the difference between just about weathering the current situation or setting solid foundations for your business to grow and prosper in the digital age.

Where do IT apprenticeships come into the equation?

It has been shown that there are short term as well as long term advantages in taking on IT apprentices in the current climate.
In the short term it is a cost-effective way to boost staff capacity. For example, a learner on the IT Solutions Technician Apprenticeship (Level 3) programme can very quickly support your existing team in simple IT jobs, freeing up more senior members to deal with more challenging tasks.
But only a short few month into the apprenticeship they will have grown into their role, bringing with them a mindset for continuous learning, new ideas and ways of thinking.
Even more compelling are the long-term advantages to hiring an IT apprentice. Hopefully, in the 18 months it takes to complete the programme the economy will have recovered, and the Apprentices will be fully upskilled with a demonstrable aptitude for continuous learning. This is crucial for tomorrow's workplace, where organisations are having to deal with a relentless pace of digital changes.

IT apprenticeships are a win-win for both Employer and Apprentice.

For Apprentices they offer a debt free, high quality career-oriented pathway to becoming a future tech leader.

For Organisations Apprentices bring new ways of thinking, up to date technical skills and more often than not, loyalty to the organisation that supported their professional development.
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