Unlocking the Lockdown

Unlocking the Lockdown

Monday 6th July 2020
Yahia Rezgui

As lockdown continues to ease and we start our road to recovery, it is important to recognise the impact of the pandemic both positive and negative.
During the pandemic we witnessed a huge change in the way in which organisations operate and as the economy begins to recover it's important that we continue to adopt and adapt new ways of working.
Apprenticeships and Training
Following recent Government updates there has been a keen focus on up-skilling and development especially within apprenticeships which have been described as key to restarting the economy and shaping your business for the future!
Managing your current resources to help improve your business output by utilising training and development will reshape your structure and give your workforce the tools they need to adapt and succeed.
Whether you are up-skilling your existing workforce or able to recruit new roles, apprenticeships will be integral to adapt to the demand of the "New Normal" and should form part of your CV-19 recovery plans.
The welfare and skills of your workforce will be a contributing factor in the future of your business and successfully managing uncharted waters.
Oxford Applied Training will help unlock your staffing potential
OAT works with companies to help them develop existing members of staff into the leaders of tomorrow. We help identify organisations developmental needs through skills analysis and align your requirements to our accredited apprenticeship programmes.
We provide advice and guidance on funding options along with supporting the recruitment process if needed.
Become a partner with OAT and book a no obligation consultation to hear first-hand how innovative companies are using training and apprenticeships to boost their recovery.

Get in touch and future proof your business by emailing us on or call us for a free no obligation consultation with one of our expert advisors on 01235 430 460 to find out more about how we can support and develop your most important asset - your employees.