6 Benefits of an LMS for Education

6 Benefits of an LMS for Education

Sunday 26th January 2020
Yahia Rezgui

Improving classroom and learning experiences is one of the top priorities for anyone running or managing an educational organisation.
You might be using the same training methods that have worked for years, but achieving consistent results across all levels of your organisation can be difficult.
You might have introduced more high-tech teaching and training solutions, but found that they require extensive and ongoing IT support and knowledge, which might not always be available or affordable.
However, things have moved on and a well-designed Learning Management System like Trove could be transformative for your school or college!
Technological developments, the increased use of digital materials in the classroom and changing needs and requirements of learners mean that the traditional teacher/classroom approach is becoming less and less effective.
Introducing an LMS allows teachers to deliver personalized learning by utilizing various pedagogical methods and to easily connect and engage with every student.
It allows individual teachers to easily manage multiple courses and classes with different curriculums by providing an organized overview of assessment and scoring reports, attendance tracking and parental communications.
Here is a quick introduction to how an LMS can benefit you and your learners:

1. Integrated reporting and data tracking.

An LMS makes easy work of effective administration and tracking.
It gives effortless access to data such as enrolment, attendance and completion reports, grade statistics and how long a student took to complete a specific test or assignment.
This not only improves day-to-day administration but also helps to find gaps in a learner's knowledge and therefore improving students' progress and performance.

2. A more student centred approach

Meeting the diverse needs of dozens of individual students in a classroom can be difficult for any teacher.
An LMS allows you to move away from a "one size fits all"model to enable a more personalised approach.
A diverse range of content formats and LMS learning paths tailored to provide a unique learning experience help to ensure that each pupil has the same opportunities regardless of their abilities or background.

3. Increased learner collaboration and engagement

Active engagement and participation can be difficult for more shy students with low self-esteem.
The playing field can be levelled with the use of an LMS's modern communication tools such as chat, forums, blogs and social communities. This helps to integrate all students and give everyone a voice.
Pupils and students today are very used to these formats of communication and are often more comfortable expressing themselves this way and engage more actively with their

4. Easy access to different pedagogical methods and innovations

An LMS gives your organisation the opportunity to explore different learning techniques and models.
Examples of new and existing innovations using Learning Management Systems are:
Blended learning, flipped learning, gamification and social learning.

5. Effortless customisation and integration

An LMS such as Trove LMS™ can easily be customised to your organisations requirements and integrated with third party components.
You can brand the LMS with your organisations colours and logo.
The intuitive interface allows for easy integration of media content such as videos, and the creation of courses, quizzes and assessments.

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