How can organisations save on their training budget by implementing an LMS

How can organisations save on their training budget by implementing an LMS

Thursday 2nd January 2020
Yahia Rezgui

A Learning Management System, or LMS, can completely change and drastically improve the way your business works. You can find out more about what an LMS is and its fundamental advantages in my blog below, but this post will outline how using an LMS can specifically help you and your company to save time and money, and increase your efficiency.


An LMS will cut your company's costs in a number of different ways:

1. There is no need for your workforce to travel in order to receive off-premise training with an LMS there are no travel or accommodation expenses. Hotels and transport are no longer necessary with this innovative software.
2. There is also no need to pay for training materials and trainers. With an LMS, all materials are digital and available to all learners. If necessary, instructors/trainers can be incorporated into online courses with video content but the learners will always be able to access all learning material themselves at all times. There are "Instructor-led" off-the-shelf e Learning courses widely available. If you need to build your own, an instructor could be paid for a one-off recording that can then be used for several years' worth of learners.
3. If your organisation offers tuition/training reimbursement, using an LMS will significantly cut your costs, providing a platform for learners to take externally accredited or university-level courses in an online setting, and allowing large numbers of employees to access exactly the same content.

Not only will an LMS cut your company's expenses, but there are also substantial other advantages such as SAVING TIME and INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY.


1. As well as saving money, reducing the need for employees to travel also saves time. Learners can access eLearning resources at their convenience, meaning that training can be more easily and smoothly incorporated into the working day.
2. Learners can collaborate quickly and easily via the discussion boards incorporated in the LMS software.


1. Using an LMS has been proven to lead to a reduced turnover of staff, meaning employees are more likely to work for your company for a longer period of time, again saving costs on repeatedly training new staff.
2. LMS allows for in-house certifications for internal positions. Your business can develop internal certifications for specialised roles that might not require industry certification. These can encourage employees and set them up for the next steps in their careers.

The above are some generic but very real benefits that will derive from organisations implementing a Learning Management System to empower their staff, create a leaning culture and ultimately increase competitiveness.

Trove LMS

If you are still not sure about how an LMS would benefit your company in practice, fear not! Here at At Oxford Applied Training, we provide the TROVE™ Learning Management System to help organisations manage their training and development efficiently. TROVE™ LMS covers everything your organisation needs to create, deliver and track training in one place. Trove LMS, a powerful, feature rich and easy to use LMS and we're happy to share our expertise with you and help you along with your decision process by giving you as much of our time and expertise as you need with no strings attached.
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