Employee to Manager (20 courses)

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20 Insightful courses for a successful transition to management

Designed for anyone who is new to supervising and managing others, the Bud To Boss Toolkit will provide the foundation needed to take on a new leadership position. New Managers will learn how to communicate with former peers who are now subordinates, as well as develop their skills to coach others, give feedback and handle performance reviews. In addition, they will learn how to conduct difficult conversations, all in a way that is comfortable and productive for everyone.

This course series consists of the following courses:
1. Discussing Your New Leadership Role
2. Understand the Expectations of a New Role
3. Creating the Mindset for Your New Role
4. Control vs. Influence
5. Communicating Positive Expectations
6. Motivation for Change
7. Accelerate the Acceptance of Organisation Change
8. Diagnose Resistance to Change
9. Dominant Communication Style
10. Inspiring Communication Style
11. Supportive Communication Style
12. Cautious Communication Style
13. Seven Components of Great Presentations
14. Sources of Feedback
15. Four Types of Feedback
16. Six Step Coaching Model
17. Remove Yourself as a Source of Threat
18. Creating a Conflict Resolution Mindset
19. Accelerate Goal Achievement
20. Goal Setting at Three Levels