Learning Options

Oxford Applied Training allows companies and learners to benefit from various styles of learning depending on need and budget.

We understand that learning needs to be flexible and responsive. We also understand it needs to be engaging and beneficial to those who use it. Our content is written by subject matter experts. Some of our courses are CPD Certified and have been mapped to units from the Qualification Credit Framework Diploma's.

Choose E-learning

for big cost savings, convenience, effective delivery and comprehensive reporting

Choose Blended learning

for the best of both worlds

Choose Face to Face learning

where other methods are not suitable

Whatever method you choose, we are confident that learners will go back to their workplace with an enhanced understanding of their roles therefore not only ensuring compliance but helping your organisation be more competitive.

Please choose the style that suits best your needs and book the appropriate course here
If you'd like help assessing your needs and expert advice on the learning style combination that best suits your organisation, please click here to book a free, no obligation consultation with one of our experts.