Building Resilience for Carers

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About Me: building resilience for caring e-learning training course
This e-learning course, About Me: building resilience for carers, is brought to you in conjunction with Carers UK. It comprises an introduction and two easy-to-follow study units and aims to help learners to identify and find resources, technologies and sources of support in order to prevent their caring responsibilities from becoming overwhelming.

The online materials include quizzes and activities to help reinforce learning as students work through the course.

Unit Titles
•How to Use the Course
•Building Networks and Finding Support
•Taking Care of Yourself

Unit 2: helps learners to identify the support they need in their caring roles, and explores ways of accessing it. It also describes the different kinds of support available, including financial, emotional and technological.

Unit 3: examines the symptoms of stress and helps learners to develop coping strategies. It provides tips on how to stay healthy, how to manage time more effectively, and offers advice about acknowledging and accepting the way carers feel about their caring role.

Learning Objectives: on completion of this course learners will be able to:
•build a help network
•find community resources
•identify other areas of support, such as social services
•understand financial support such as benefits
•understand workplace rights and support
•identify the benefits of technologies to support caring
•identify the symptoms of stress and develop coping strategies
•acknowledge and accept your feelings
•understand how to stay healthy
•manage your time more effectively
•develop strategies for sleeping.