Microsoft 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

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This course covers the following topics in order to prepare for the 70-412 exam: how to configure and manage high availability, configure file and storage solutions, implement business continuity and disaster recovery, configure Network Services, configure the Active Directory infrastructure, and how to configure Identity and Access Solutions.

Course Content

Module 1: Configuring Advanced DNS Services
1.2 Socket Pool and Cache Locking
1.3 Advanced DNS Settings

Module 2: Advanced DHCP Services
2.1 DHCP Scopes
2.2 High Availability
2.3 Policy Based Assignments
2.4 DHCPv6
2.5 Questions

Module 3: Active Directory Forest Configuration
3.1 Active Directory Forests
3.2 Active Directory Sites
3.3 Active Directory Trusts
3.4 Active Directory Read Only Domain Controllers
3.5 Active Directory Replication

Module 4: Active Directory Certificate Services
4.1 ADCS Overview
4.2 ADCS Management

Module 5: ISCSI And ISNS
5.1 ISCSI and ISNS
5.2 ISCSI and ISNS Demo And Questions

Module 6: Configuring IPAM
6.1 Install And Configure IPAM
6.2 IPAM Demo And Questions-Part1
6.3 IPAM Demo And Questions-Part2

Module 7: Network Balancing
7.1 Install And Configure NLB
7.2 NLB Demo And Questions-Part1
7.3 NLB Demo And Questions-Part2

Module 8: Failover Clusters
8.1 Cluster Overview
8.2 Cluster Aware Updating
8.3 Failover Clusters Demo And Questions

Module 9: Configuring Hyper-V Virtual Machines
9.1 Create VM Replicas In Hyper-V And Migrate VMs
9.2 Hyper-V Virtual Machines Demo And Questions

Module 10: Dynamic Access Control
10.1 DAC Overview And Configure
10.2 DAC Demo And Questions

Module 11: Active Directory Rights Management Services
11.1 Install ADRMS
11.2 Manage ADRMS
11.2 ADRMS Demo And Questions

Module 12: Active Directory Federation Services
12.1 Configure And Manage ADFS
12.2 ADFS Demo And Questions

Module 13: Disaster Recovery
13.1 Configure And Restore Windows Server Backup
13.2 Configure And Restore Window Server Backup Demo
13.3 Questions

Module 14 Configuring Additional Services
14.1 Configured Additonal Services
14.2 Configured Additional Services Demo-Part1
14.3 Configured Additional Services Demo-Part2
14.4 Configured Additional Services Demo-Part3 And Questions